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Here's a special message for Healers, Coaches, and Transformational Leaders who wants to create impact in the world, attract new clients, and generate more income.

Hi, My name is Christi Kendall and if you are struggling to fill your client roster and create consistent profit, then pay very close attention! 

Many purpose-led people suffer from building a sustainable, profitable business. They spin their wheels and believe they just aren't cut out for entrepreneurship. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

So, if you're a Healer, Coach, or Transformational Leader who is struggling to establish yourself as an expert in today's crowded online world so you can ATTRACT DREAM CLIENTS, CREATE IMPACT, and MAKE MONEY, then this is exactly what you're looking for!

I'd like to introduce you to Publish & Profit: The Ultimate Course to Writing, Publishing, and Selling on Amazon!

The Publish & Profit Course is a self-led program with integrated coaching support that is designed to help you write, publish, and sell your first book on Amazon. Studies have shown that authorship helps industry experts like you to become better known in your field so you can stand out from the crowd and focus on things that are more important like filling your client roster with people who need your services!

With The Publish & Profit Course you'll discover proven strategies, expert guidance, and step-by-step tutorials that empower you to:

  • Identify your profitable niche and target audience, ensuring your book resonates with those who need it most.

  • Leverage your unique strengths and passions, positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field.

  • Develop compelling content that captivates your audience and sparks transformative change.

  • Successfully publish your completed book on Amazon with optimized keywords to ensure maximum visibility.

  • Master digital marketing and social media strategies to consistently attract buyers and create a ripple effect.


THE PUBLISH & PROFIT COURSE is designed to help you go from generating your book idea to generating sales in 90 days or less!

With everything that THE PUBLISH & PROFIT COURSE can do for you, we could easily charge over $5,000, but

All You Pay Is $997!

or 3 Easy Installments of $397

you will love The Publish & Profit Course!

If you want to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR and GET CLIENTS CONSISTENTLY, then this is perfect for you...




  • Immediate access to our comprehensive course featuring over 30 video lessons designed to provide you with step-by-step guidance on planning, writing, publishing, and marketing your book effectively.

  • A library of exclusive resources, including templates, checklists, and worksheets to streamline your writing and publishing journey, saving you time and effort.

  • Step-by-step instructions on setting up your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account, optimizing keywords for better visibility, and utilizing Amazon Ads to reach a wider audience.

  • Invitation to join our exclusive and supportive WhatsApp community of like-minded authors, where you can connect, network, and collaborate with fellow aspiring writers, gaining inspiration and valuable insights along your author journey.

  • Ongoing support and encouragement from our dedicated team, including Christi and Amanda, ensuring you stay motivated, overcome challenges, and achieve your dream of becoming a published author.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves.

We're Amanda Cottrell and Christi Kendall,
the dynamic duo behind The Publish & Profit Course

Amanda Cottrell and Christi Kendall are a powerful duo of coaches who bring a unique blend of expertise to empower you on your journey to success.

Amanda is an experienced teacher, author, and illustrator with over 15 years of educational background. She believes in the infinite creative potential within each of us and is passionate about empowering individuals to step into their confidence through creativity. Amanda's creative exercises and mindfulness expertise foster connection, lifelong learning, and inner peace. Her vast knowledge and qualifications, including a B.A. in Political Science, B.Ed in Elementary Education, and M.Ed specializing in Creativity and Technology, equip her to guide you towards unlocking your creative gifts and achieving your goals.

Christi is a Master Life Coach, Advanced Thetahealing™ Practitioner, and gifted intuitive with a wealth of professional and spiritual tools at her disposal. Drawing from her background in Interior Design and her remarkable sales achievements, where she consistently ranked in the top 1% nationwide and generated over 1.3 million in revenue annually, Christi now coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and women who aspire to reach excellence. Her expertise lies in aligning mindsets, enabling her clients to create extraordinary results and experience true success.

Amanda and Christi have meticulously crafted this course to help you cut through the overwhelm, uncertainty, and frustration often associated with writing and publishing a book. Their goal is to provide you with a clear roadmap and actionable steps so you can confidently take control of your publishing journey and create the impact you want with the clients who need you.

As you can see, we're uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about getting your wisdom out into the world so you can make a meaningful difference, get clients consistently, and PROFIT!

If you join us today, we have included these SPECIAL BONUS'S for you worth over $1,000:


Advanced Amazon Ads Marketing Course

A step-by-step guide to successful strategies for advertising on Amazon so you can get seen, get ranked, and SELL your books

This will help you to reach a wider audience, without wasting precious time and money on ineffective marketing strategies, and learn the proven techniques to optimize your Amazon Ads for maximum visibility and book sales.

Many of our clients tell us that this was very helpful to them and that after taking the Amazon Ads Intro Course, they not only achieved a significant boost in book sales, but that they felt confident and empowered and they finally cracked the code to running successful Amazon Ads campaigns. This course is easily worth well over $1000, but we are giving it to you FREE when you sign up for THE PUBLISH & PROFIT COURSE now.


The Ultimate Author Social Media Kit

A Year's Worth of Branded Promo Graphics to Boost Your Reach and Reader Engagement

YOU are AMAZING, and your book is too, but what if NOBODY sees it? Imagine spending all that time and energy to pen down your life-changing ideas only for them to go unnoticed. Well, that's not going to be your story, because when you sign up for The Publish and Profit Course, we're giving you an incredible FREE BONUS: The Ultimate Author Social Media Kit.

Imagine having an entire year of social media content, hand-crafted to showcase your book, already done for you. That's 52 tailored posts designed to not only market your book but also to draw attention, increase your reach, and drive engagement. Think of it as your personal book marketing powerhouse, working tirelessly to make sure more people see, engage with, and ultimately, buy your book. With the Ultimate Author Social Media Kit, you won't just become an author - you'll become a visible, impactful author whose book is seen, read, and loved.


Podcast Spotlight

Be Featured On Multiple Podcasts Expanding Your Audience Globally

You'll have the opportunity to be a featured guest on several highly popular Podcast. Share your story, insights, and expertise with dedicated audiences and expanding your reach globally.

AND, You Get Our Risk-FREE Guarantee

With our commitment to your success, we go beyond the traditional money-back guarantee. Instead, we offer a results-oriented guarantee, ensuring that we work closely with you until you achieve the desired outcomes. We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way until you see tangible results from your efforts.


All You Pay Is $997!

or 3 Easy Installments of $397

Here's What To Do Next...

From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and sign up, then you can finally get started to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

And You Can Expect Incredible Results Just Like These Authors...


Troy Ockey #1 BEST SELLER

I wrote a Poem 8 years ago during my daughters various nap times. Out of boredom and because I like to write as some like to doodle. Once I finished I thought it a cute little poem and I started imagining the scenes. Not knowing how to illustrate I reached out to a friend to make a simple book with me for a family Xmas gift. They said no. Over the years I asked 4-5 more and I was either ignored or told they were busy with other projects. Once I learned how to create my illustrations, characters and use canva to design all that I imagined, and Amanda told me about this course, I found all the tools I needed to do it all myself.

This course was as great guide to completing my goal of publishing a Children’s book! The step by step videos made it easy to finalize my once “silly” dream.

Over the first weekend I made a best seller!


Adriana Bacelis #1 New Release

This course is mind-blowing!

It broke the perpetual cycle of "wanting". I've always had this burning desire to write a book, but my thoughts remained trapped in a loop: "I want to write a book." Then, I met Christi and Amanda, what a duo! Their expertise and energy empowered me to translate my thoughts and ideas into action.

I'm thrilled to say that I not only published my book in less than 90 days but also achieved amazing recognition.

It became the #1 Amazon New Release

in two categories and #3 in another. Since then, my local media has written about it and I've even had TV interviews. I've also signed two speaking engagements. I am immensely grateful for their support throughout this incredible journey.


Marisa Raymond #1 New Release

For years people have been telling me to write a book but, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I didn't know where to begin or what to write about. Then Christi and Amanda told me about this course they were putting together and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and get it done!

The step-by-step video lessons were easy to follow and the private group support provided an encouraging, warm, amazing environment where I could brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from other aspiring authors. Many of whom I'm honored to now call friends and collaborators! I not only came up with a topic, wrote the text, and published my book in less than 3 months, I have three more book ideas already in the works!! This course is game-changing!

Say goodbye to not knowing what to do next and hello to seeing your name and book title on Amazon, your client roster fill up, and your business become more profitable than ever! 

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Sign-Up For The Publish & Profit Course Today!

  • The Publish & Profit Course [$2000 VALUE]

  • Exclusive Support for 90 days from our dynamic coaching duo, Amanda & Christi [$1500 VALUE]

  • Our Members-Only What'sApp Group for Accountability & Support [$500 VALUE]​

  • The Amazon Ads Intro Course [$1000 VALUE] 

  • Risk-free guarantee

Total Value: $5,000+

If you want to be a published author and get clients consistently, then this is the perfect solution for you...

Sign-Up For Publish & Profit Today!

For Only $997

or 3 Easy Installments of $397

Again, this discounted special offer is for a limited time only and we can’t guarantee how long it will last.

We have a lot of customers that sign up each month, so this awesome PROMOTIONAL price could go away quickly - in as little as the next 24-48 hours. 

So, take action now and sign-up for The Publish & Profit Course today while this awesome PROMOTION lasts. 

If you're sick and tired of struggling to get your name out there so you can create impact and generate profits, then THE PUBLISH & PROFIT COURSE is the solution you've been looking for.


Get Your Publish & Profit Course Today For


Only $997

or 3 Easy Installments of $397

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